I Love and Trust this product line from our local Boulder, Colorado.  Typically, any product that changes the structure of our tissue must be regulated and sold as a prescription drug.  Vitamins are the exception.  Purely-sourced, rich, concentrated vitamins can and do have the same effects on our tissue as prescription solutions, but are biogenic and therefore do not have the same chemical toxicity potential.  Sanitas Skincare line from Boulder has vitamin-rich products that make a real difference in our skin.  Whether you struggle with acne, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, or are starting early to maintain a healthy skin and prevent these issues, Sanitas has an amazing product for You.  Please contact me directly for more info or for a list of Sanitas products, ingredients, descriptions, pricing, or to place your order.  


Gift Certificates

Gift Certs make GREAT gifts!  The studio is open by appointment only, so make sure to call or schedule online ('Book Now' button above) before coming by to grab Gift Certificates for your friends' and family members' Birthdays, Holidays, or any Special Occasion. They will LOVE this gift!